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Welcome to Dr. Matthew van Emmerik's new and updated euphonium website. We hope you enjoy some of the musical tracks, background and other information listed here. If you would like to purchase one of Matthew's CDs, music, flight cases, accessories or anything else please search this site and email Matthew with any questions.

Matthew is a highly talented professional musician at the forefront of brass performance in an International capacity, and the only performing Adams brass artist and clinician/representative and Reunion Blues Gig Bag endorsee in Australasia with a musical career spanning 25 years.

Matthew is Involved in many world-class performances and research activities with experience in a variety of roles including: Teacher, Executive Producer, Musical Director, Band Manager and Recorded Performer, and is recognised with many awards and achievements.

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About matthew


Matthew van Emmerik


Euphonium Performer, Professional Musician, Teacher and Conductor


Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 1978

endorsed journals:


personal interests:

Rugby Union/League, AFL, Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Personal Motto:

‘The Level’